About Us

Steem1960 has a remarkable history that dates back to its founding in 1960 by Mr. Inge Steensland. We are now a global shipbroker with offices in Houston, Singapore, Oslo and Bergen.


With over 90 employees, we have established ourselves as a leading company specialising in Gas, Liquid Chemicals, and Clean Petroleum Products. 

Steem1960 is large enough to cover the full range of brokering services in the Gas Carrier, Chemical Tanker and Product Tanker markets, yet small enough to offer individualised guidance to all our clients. This is ensured by our employees, who work together across teams worldwide. 


Our goal to always provide the best service for our customers is deeply rooted in our values. Our strategically located offices make sure we effectively cover all time zones. 

Our global presence enables us to offer personal guidance to our customers 24/7, which we believe is paramount in the shipping industry. Being situated in cities of great importance to the maritime sector, we are able to better understand and cater to the unique needs of our clients.


Our people

At Steem1960, Norway's thriving shipping industry and its esteemed standing within the business community is beneficial in attracting top-notch colleagues and customers worldwide. By recognizing the valuable position we’re in, Steem1960 offers trainee positions to candidates with the right profile for shipbroking.

We are proven to be an attractive employer for experienced people. Within our company, we have colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, all of which add to the fully comprehensive service provided to our customers.

In addition to shipbroking, many of our personnel have a vast knowledge in banking, finance, and trading as well as ship owning and sailing at sea.

To stay at the forefront of the industry, we prioritise continuous training and development of our employees. Through memberships in various organisations, our team gains invaluable additional knowledge and insights.

At Steem1960, excellence in accessibility and knowledge is our goal. Our dedication to quality in our services is the foundation of our business.


Our History

Steem1960’s history dates back to its founding in 1960 by Mr. Inge Steensland, a renowned Norwegian resistance leader during World War II. His bravery and dedication earned him numerous prestigious awards including the Norwegian War Cross with Sword and the "War Medal," along with the "Distinguished Service Cross'' in the UK. Later in life, he was honoured with "The King's Medal of Merit''.

Following the war, Mr. Steensland transitioned into a successful career as a shipbroker. He laid the foundation for Inge Steensland AS, which has since evolved into Steem1960 - a global shipbroker specialising in gas, liquid chemicals, and clean petroleum products.

In 2016, the heirs of Inge Steensland made the decision to sell their shares in Inge Steensland AS, resulting in the name change to Steem1960 on January 1, 2017. Today, the senior shipbrokers within our company, along with "Steenslandfondet," which holds approximately 10% of the company, are the proud owners of Steem1960. “Steenslandfondet” is a charitable foundation established by Inge Steensland himself in 1995.

With a remarkable past, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on giving back to society, Steem1960 continues to be at the forefront of the shipbroking industry. We look forward to assisting our clients and the global shipping community for years to come.


The bust of Inge Steensland 1923–2010