Continuous growth since the company was formed by Mr. Inge Steensland in 1960 has made us what we are today, an international ship broking company with more than 80 employees with offices in Oslo, Singapore, Houston and Bergen.

In the early 1960s INGE STEENSLAND AS was predominantly a tanker broker concentrating on local business. However, at the same time transportation of gas by sea was in its infancy and INGE STEENSLAND AS played a pioneering role in this as an advisor and broker for the early movers within the segment. Gas remains a significant part of our operations, but today our strong teams on CPP and Liquid Chemicals are equally important to us, and we are today recognized among the leading players in all three fields. We have been established in Singapore since 1997, and since 2008 as INGE STEENSLAND SINGAPORE Pte Ltd.  We have experienced substantial growth in Asian markets, and we pride ourselves to be known to seamlessly work the markets through our offices to the benefit of our customers. Inge Steensland Houston LLC, established 2013, is the latest corner stone in our worldwide network covering all time zones.

From 1st January 2017 Inge Steensland changed name to Steem1960.

Under our new name Steem1960, every day of the week, highly professional teams in all parts of the value chain in Europe, Asia and the Americas be it S&P, chartering and operation brokers, admin and other support staff, will provide the best service to present and future customers.