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The shipbroker in Houston USA

Steem1960 is a shipbroker located in Houston USA, Singapore and Oslo and Bergen in Norway. The company has more than 80 employees. We specialize in gas, liquid chemicals, and clean petroleum products.

Founded in 1960 by Mr. Inge Steensland as Inge Steensland AS, Steem1960 has become a leading shipbroker within LPG, ammonia, petrochemical gases, liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products.

Shipbroker services

Covering the gas carrier, chemical tanker and product tanker markets, our highly professional teams deliver a broad range of services to our clients:

A significant market presence in our core segments.

Hands on approach to all aspects of project/S&P investment or disinvestment.

Post fixture/Operations:
Dedicated and highly experienced commercial operators.

At the forefront of the market.

Steem1960 Shipbroker in Houston USA