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About Steem1960 Shipbrokers

Steem1960 is a shipbroker located in Houston USA, Singapore and Oslo and Bergen in Norway. We specialize in gas, liquid chemicals, and clean petroleum products.

Inge Steensland AS was in 1960 founded by Mr. Inge Steensland (1923-2010). A renowned Norwegian resistance leader from WW2. For his efforts, he was awarded the Norwegian War Cross with Sword, the highest ranking Norwegian gallantry decoration, and the “War Medal.” In the UK he was awarded the “Distinguished Service Cross”. Late in life he was awarded “The King’s Medal of Merit” in gold.

After the war, he made a career as a shipbroker. Through the years, Inge Steensland AS was built step by step to what has become Steem1960 today with more than 80 employees located in Oslo, Singapore, Houston and Bergen. A leading and well reputed shipbroker company with specialization in gas, liquid chemicals, and clean petroleum products. A shipbroker present in all time zones known as highly experienced, eagerly working to support clients with the best possible service. Always.

During 2016 Inge Steensland’s heirs decided to sell their shares in Inge Steensland AS. Consequently the company changed name by 1 Jan 2017. The owners of Steem1960 are today the senior shipbrokers within the company in addition to “Steenslandfondet” who holds approx. 10% of the Company. Steenslandfondet was in 1995 created by Inge Steensland as a charitable foundation which is a self-owning juridical entity. Through Steenslandfondet we are proud to have been supporting a long list of good deeds through the past 20 years.

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